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"The David was always hidden in that large block of marble, all I did was remove the excess parts." -Miguel Angelo


Instantly, this phrase made sense. There are 2 ways of looking at a material. A material can be seen as it was seen in the Industrial Revolution. A necessity in the face of a change in humanity: urban growth and a thirsty consumer. An “object” of consumption for humans, a duty to abuse natural resources in order to “survive”.


On the other hand, a material can be seen as a treasure. Something priceless and timeless, massive but silent. Miguel Angelo could see what nobody saw in that marble. A cry to be found, polished and exposed, to deliver beauty to the world.


Our project didn't just find a disused material considered as waste, it also was captivated by a material with history. Once a home for someone. A container of time.


"A Waste Epiphany", embodies a revelation of something that was about to disappear, but not completely. Traces of that something that would eventually end up in landfills, affecting thousands of people and our environment. These rejected materials suddenly blossom when expressed in a new design product, thought and designed to give new meanings to a space.

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