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Construction Waste


A Waste Epiphany is a company that upcycles two of the most abundant waste materials used in the building industry:

brick and concrete


What's wrong with
construction waste?

Construction waste is everywhere. We cannot stop the fact that it will seize from existing, because there's a need to keep building to cope with the growth of cities. Construction is one of the most contaminating industries in the world. So, how can we help reduce the impact this through design?

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Sustainable design

Nowadays, we've come to realize how late we are from preventing global warming. We can’t undo what others did from the industrial revolution until now. But what we can do, is design from all the knowledge that we own now. We can reduce the impact of global warming in the future by designing consciously and becoming aware of the life cycle of each product, material, service, etc. Keep reading for more information...



After research and experimentation, we managed to reach a new material composition made of construction waste from demolished buildings in The Netherlands. If you want to know more about it, share your knowledge with us, or just see our process, stay tuned...



All our products are made out of construction waste from demolished buildings in The Netherlands. We hope to diminish the amount of waste that exists in the future and create designs from something that has been considered trash for all these years. 

You are welcome to visit our online store and contribute to this cause. 

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